Training Courses


Fashion Stylist Training Course – £695.00 (3 days)


This exciting course aims at equipping you with the confidence and knowledge needed to pursue a career as a Fashion Stylist in the film, stills or magazine industry. You will learn through highly beneficial and practical experience by working on a mock production throughout the course.

Includes Pre-training assignment, training manual and notes, booklet of industry terms and other useful information, a measuring kit and pins, CD containing information such as industry tips and contacts, and a recommended reading list. You will receive a certificate in Fashion Styling, refreshments and ongoing career mentorship.

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Day 1
  • What is fashion styling?
  • Styling for magazine, film, TV, commercials, stills
  • Industry who’s who
  • Styling “must haves” to succeed
  • Bookings
  • Taking a brief
  • Mood boards, story boards and tear sheets
  • Wardrobe sourcing – shopping, hiring, manufacturing
Day 2
  • Wardrobe fittings
  • Shooting – editorial, stills or film, what’s required
  • Wardrobe breakdowns, cleanups and other “issues”
  • Dealing with clients, colleagues and talent
Day 3
  • Wrapping a shoot
  • Budgets, petty cash and recons
  • Marketing yourself and landing your first job
  • Creating a portfolio or show reel
  • Test shoots
  • Agencies or going solo
  • Building your Stylist’s kit
  • How to be an indispensable stylist’s assistant

Personal Stylist Training Course – £2250 (5 days)

This intensive course covers all aspects of personal styling and image consulting, and will equip you with the skills needed to work as an independent consultant, working with clients on a private or corporate level. Individuals wanting to create cost – effective and stylish wardrobes for themselves or their families have also benefited from attending the Personal Stylist Course.

Includes Pre-training assignment, training manual and supporting notes, colour analysis drapes, body shape laminates, measuring kit and pins, a CD with client documents master copies.

You will receive a certificate in Personal Styling on completion, refreshments and ongoing career mentorship.

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Day 1
  • Introduction to Personal Styling
  • The importance of Personal Style & Image
  • The History of the Image Industry
  • What’s needed to be a great Personal Stylist
  • Personal Styling – Career Opportunities
  • Understanding fashion – trends, cycles, forecasting
Day 2
  • Types of Clients, Client Consultations & Wardrobe Therapy
  • Male Clients – Lifestyle Analysis, Needs Assessment, Body Shapes, Scale, Proportions & Style Types
  • Female Clients – Lifestyle Analysis, Needs Assessment, Body Shapes, Scale, Proportions & Style Types
  • Face shape analysis
  • Style Guidelines
Day 3
  • Understanding the Concept of Colour
  • The History of Colour Analysis
  • Colour analysis practical
  • Colour combining – depth, harmony & contrast
  • Illusion dressing, enhancing & minimizing secrets & camouflage techniques
Day 4
  • Wardrobe consultations – culling, organising, action plan
  • A balanced wardrobe
  • Female capsule wardrobe
  • Male capsule wardrobe
  • Accessorising
  • Dress codes & occasion dressing
  • Clothing guidelines
  • Underwear, bra fitting and swimwear
Day 5
  • Personal shopping – lists, budgets, dealing with stores
  • Fittings, alterations and repairs
  • Starting your own Image Consultancy
  • Creating a website
  • Maintaining your Clients & Client Feedback
  • Marketing your services