The Team


Headed by Allison Turnley, Wardrobe Works is a styling studio that works as a collective team of creative individuals in the field of commercial film and stills styling, features and music videos. This allows a collaborative approach to the task – increasing the depth and scope of the vision, which best answers the individual client and director’s styling requirements.

allison turnley


Known for her creative approach to challenges and her ability to meet tight deadlines, through the years Allison has had the opportunity to work with a number of award-winning directors on over 600 shoots.

jess rayner


Jess Rayner, brings to the team her expert organisational skills and her ability to rise to the challenge of meeting the unusual demands of a highly creative industry.

patricia angelucci


Patricia Angelucci – affectionately known as Tigger – brings her Italian heritage to the team with her impeccable style. This, coupled with her insight and sense of humour, allows Tigger to bring panache to all her work.

emma turnley


Emma Turnley has been an ‘unofficial’ stylist for many years; her natural creativity having been honed by spending most of her formative years on set with her mother.

This dynamic Wardrobe Team look forward to another wild and wonderful season fearlessly facing down any challenges to dress Neanderthals, bankers, parcour artists, hardened Harley bikers, families, aliens monsters, spacemen, rockers, sapeurs, footballers, fairies, hipsters, werewolves, and whatever else might flow from the minds of the creatives this year!


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